Creating the Perfect Brows

Your eyebrows frame two of your face’s most important features. You spend time sweeping on the right eye shadows, liner and mascara, so shape and define your brows to complete the look. You’ll need to keep your brows waxed or plucked into the shape you want, and then use brow makeup to finish contouring them. Stylized brows have come into focus onscreen and on the runway, so if you want your eyes to be ready for their closeup, don’t skimp on the brow contouring.

As the video shows, it is best to brush the brows away from the lids to widen the eye. Using wax pencil or pot brush the hairs down against the face. Find a color that is closest to your original brow color to appear more natural. A lighter color on the brow bone highlights the brow, while continuing to widen the eye.

Come in and let us wax your eye brows to ensure you have a clean space to contour your brows with makeup!

Beauty is a nectar which intoxicates the soul.

T.C. Henley


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